I moved to Chile at the end of October 2010 after visiting twice. I believe Santiago to be the perfect mix of New York and San Francisco. Santiago possesses similarities to NYC's public transportation system with a similarity to SF's wide roads, beauty moderate climate. Since I was a child I've wanted to be a "city girl" and so I'm thrilled to call Santiago home.

The life of an expat is never easy and filled with bumps along the way. In this section of my blog you can find my posts that discuss expat life in Chile. I hope these will inspire you to learn about a new culture. Often we don't realize how similar life can be in a new country and that the United States isn't all that unique.

If you are reading my posts dreaming about expat life in Santiago, please contact me. Making the decision to move abroad permanently or only a few months is a difficult decision and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

With that being said, enjoy! 

(My Chile and Expat posts can be found tagged under Chile and Expat Life.)

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